New Directions

So, as my first post, this is a pretty amazing place to start!

I asked three questions about changing careers at this time.  I have been very afraid to take this step, but my loving husband has told me it is time, and his judgement of these things is usually spot-on.  So of course, for further guidance, I went to the deck I know would not pull any punches.


Using my favorite hard-hitting oracle deck, The Mayhem Tarot (found on Etsy).  If you are familiar with this deck, it is somewhat darker, eerie, and prone to double-edged readings – usually indicating positive potential with a hint of negative.  That being said, this reading…is rather amazing.

Card 1: Is it smart to consider pushing to promote right now?

The card is The Gate:

A new path; leaving home.  Comfort is seldom a part of new beginnings.  Close the gate behind you when you leave.

…okay, I get it.  Time to overcome that fear.  Time to go!

Card 2: What is the biggest hurdle for me to overcome?

The card is The Sun:

Strength; passion.  Turn yourself towards the center of your own solar system; the answer lies there.

I actually interpret this two-fold.  One, I am my own biggest hurdle.  And Two, I need to rely on and trust myself more.  Time to overcome that fear again.

Card 3: What is my eventual outcome?

The card is The Well:

Clarity; truth.  Clear water lies at the bottom of the well, the question is how deep will you go to reach it?

My end result is wisdom and the accomplishment of what I started, but it will take work.  And the potential could be endless if I’m willing to endure the struggle.

Well, okay then.

It’s not always I feel told-off by a reading, but pretty sure I just got told to “put on the big girl panties and get it done, already.”



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