So the question of the day was made knowing I have things to overcome at work and looking for direction.  It was a rough day.  Once again using my most favorite oracle deck (currently). the Mayhem Tarot.

I had asked:

Card 1: What struggles will I face while overcoming this hurdle?

The card is The Mountain: Overcoming; resilience.  There are many ways to scale the mountain, none of them are easy.

Noted.  Not gonna be easy.  Lots of struggles.  But the path I choose to take when confronting them matters.

Card 2 & 3: What should I do to achieve it?

The first card is The Snake:  Healing; rebirth.  It is time to shed this skin for a new one.  What is venomous to one may heal another.

SO MUCH CHANGE.  I equate this one to sandpaper polishing you to a beautiful shine.

The second card is The SunStrength; passion.  Turn yourself towards the center of your own solar system; the answer lies there.

Center yourself.  Belief in yourself.  Find your passion.  That’s exactly what I’m doing!

At the end of it all, I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, but that it will not be an easy accomplishment.  That’s okay; nothing worthwhile ever is.


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