Midweek Madness


20170305_160320A midday reading while feeling a bit foggy.  The weather is nice, everything is going well, I just feel…off.  It’s hard to describe.

Seeking clarity, I started shuffling (almost a meditative thing for me now) and I LOVE using this deck for that.  It’s a mini-deck called The TaRat.


Top two are what’s bugging, middle is what the next steps are, bottom is the end result.

What’s bugging? The Chariot & Page of Wands

The need for movement and transportation, the will to express.  Feeling stifled in communication and enthusiasm.  Craving new experiences and learning.

I want to move up at work.  I want to be passionate about what I do at work and at home.  That was pretty blatantly accurate.

Next steps?  Strength & V of Cups

Change is coming.  Be cognizant of physical appearance.  A show of courage, determination, or physical presence may be necessary.  Work towards self improvement.  New experiences or challenges will draw you out.  Be cautious the instability does not cause too much anxiety.

Holy shit.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this.  Be careful what you ask for I guess.

End results?  The Hermit & VIII of Swords

Think where you are and where you want to go, focus on what you’re trying to accomplish.  Your attitude will affect everything.  Find yourself in awe during this new journey for knowledge.  You may need to accept some restrictions.  Avoid other people’s problems.  While you may end up walking this path mostly alone, you will still find the people you need. 

Success but lots of work.  I’ve never shied away from that.  I tend to be more secluded anyway, so I don’t worry about that aspect.  I actually find learning new things to be a lot of fun, so I’m hopeful that’s where this is headed!


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