Weekly Reading, thru March 17th

Another reading with the amazing Wooden Tarot deck.  For the energies during the upcoming week.

Meanings of the cards included may be both traditional and intuitive.

Counter-clockwise from the top: overall influence, work, love, and play.

Overall influence: Page of Blooms

Let loose inner child.  Play, dream, have fun.  You’ve been too serious. 

Work: God of Blooms

Intuition speaking.  Opportunity abundance, and satisfaction are yours if you are willing to reach out and take them.  Promotions, new hiring, new enjoyment of your job, or even recognizing that your happiness lies elsewhere.

Love: V of Bones

Feeling insecure this week?  Seek help if you need to; reach out!  You are worthy of love.

Play: V of Stones

Get your game on! Some healthy competition is good for you.  You have something to offer.  But be careful of tipping over any arguments.  It’s supposed to be fun, remember?


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