March Full “Crow” Moon

I love and hate full moons.  They keep me awake better than energy drinks.  Problem is, I need to sleep to actually function at work.   Makes for interesting conversation the next day at least!

This reading is using my favorite moon deck, the Deviant Moon Tarot!


Meanings of the cards included may be both traditional and intuitive.


 (1)  What is ending:  Queen of Pentacles

The time has come to stop looking after other people’s physical needs and to reconsider what you are looking for in life.  To obtain it may require a battle for recognition.  Your limited vision must expand in order for your life to expand – take the chance!

Issuing involving a parent who cannot see that their child is growing up (trying to micromanage or care-take an adult child, for example) should be resolved before the new moon, or can lead to lager problems.

(2)   What to keep:  VII of Swords

Keep your plans and determination close.  You do you.  Let that individuality shine!  Set your goals and follow through.  Just be careful you don’t also keep the isolation and suspicion that also come with this card.

(3)  What personally affects you:  The Chariot

Control of your life, situations, moods, and thoughts.  Focus is on-point and should help to guarantee your success.

Also movement – both personally, for travel, and in life, such as moving or career change.

(4)   What is starting:  VIII of Cups

A change of situation; may positive or negative.  May mean new households and/or marriages.  Hopefully, these changes can be met without stress or strain.  Also allows for seeing and recognizing patterns.

(5)  What to let go:  Knight of Pentacles

Work, sleep, work, sleep; it’s time to break the habit.  Since it signified the work that goes into applying one-self, this may also signify, if you have been hunting, obtaining a job or promoting before the new moon.

(6)   What affects the world around you:  The Tower

Massive forces working around you, may end up disrupting the status-quo of the world around you.  Be conscious of what is happening and it may help you to avoid some serious unhappy events.  Tempers are sensitive, emotions may run high.  The Tower leads to some chaos before the change – it can be exciting, or terrifying.

You may be cut loose from a situation you are unhappy with.  It may be disorienting and unexpected, but new opportunities can await!

 (7)  Lesson to learn:  The Heirophant

Express your beliefs outwardly without fear or shame.  Be careful how much voice you give to your inner critic – that guy’s a jerk!  Do not be too quick to adhere to tradition – you may need to be able to bend slightly to survive.


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