New Moon Reading – March

I always sleep so well in new moons.  My bed becomes this wonderful place I cannot stand to leave. It also makes getting up early for work REALLY HARD.

This reading done with The Wooden Tarot, my typical go-to deck these days.

Meanings of the cards included may be both traditional and intuitive.

Ending:  VII of Plumes

The cheater in your midst will bugger off finally.   You’ll feel a little less like you’re under the microscope.

Continuing:  The Chariot

High spirits and movement forward!  Make sure you communicate your boundaries clearly to avoid over-reaching.

Starting:  V of Stones

You don’t have to this this alone – reach out for help of you need it.  Don’t try to do everything in your own.  Stay thankful to avoid falling into the trap of suffering. And remember, nothing lasts forever.

Be Aware:  IV of Stones

Be cautious of hoarding tendencies.  Look carefully at what you cling to and make sure it suits your needs.  Cutting that cord is terrifying, but sometimes necessary.  Be open to change.

Conscious Influence:  God of Plumes

Put fear in its place.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  This is the time for a new beginning.  Your willpower is stronger than you ever imagined.  Don’t guilt yourself over cutting something out that no longer serves you or taking the leap towards a better place.

Subconscious Influence:  The Hermit

Self care is super important.  Take time to withdraw if it comforts you.  May require extra effort to stay connected.  Make sure your withdrawal puts you in a good place.


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