April Full “Awakening” Moon

Three more nights of no sleep! Welcome to the full moon in Libra!

Meanings of the cards included may be both traditional and intuitive.

(1)  What is ending:  Six of Cups

Put the nostalgia to bed; it’s time to move forward.  Reinventing the old into something new and beautiful will help with that.  

(2)   What to keep:  Wheel of Fortune

Abundance and opportunity are here to stay until the new moon.  Be very careful you do not get overwhelmed.  Renegotiation is good during this time but be wary of pushing too far.  Be more wary of not pushing at all.

(3)  What personally affects you:  The Chariot

Control of your life, situations, moods, and thoughts.  Focus is on-point and should help to guarantee your success.

Also movement – both personally, for travel, and in life, such as moving or career change.

(4)   What is starting:  The Fool

GET SHIT STARTED! This is amazing for new beginnings, new chapter in your life.  Press ahead even if others cannot understand why.  Chances are you’ll come out on top.  This is typically a positive beginning but may include catalysts that are less than fun.

(5)  What to let go:  X of Swords

You should know by now where to place your trust.  Trust yourself, an don’t hang around staring so long at closed doors you miss the ones that open.  Rejection and attacks should be let go – but not forgotten lest we repeat them.  May include a break from a person, idea, or location that was highly toxic. 

(6)   What affects the world around you:  VI of Swords

Change.  Major changes.  Usually for the better.  But slow development.  Watch your dreams for clues.

 (7)  Lesson to learn:  IX of Pentacles

Good energy, wealth, and happiness – so share it! This applies to mundane and inner workings.  Things are going to get better and you should share this feeling with those around you.  You should seek and feel freedom during this time.  Don’t let fear or stress steal it from you.


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