New Moon Reading – April

All these crazy retrograde planets, AND a Taurus new moon?  Yeesh.


Reading done with The Vivid Journey tarot.

Meanings of the cards included may be both traditional and intuitive.

HOLY CRAP MAJORS and of course cup cards.  I feel like my decks are all cup cards these days.

Ending:  The Star

The recovery period is ended.  Time of preparations and peace are closing.  You’ve had time to prepare, to think on things, and now you should be ready.

Continuing:  Page of Cups

Learning empathy, emotion, and to experience new things will not be slowing down.  May be an emotional learning of your spiritual beliefs, may also be embracing your inner child.

Starting:  Strength

YAY SETTING BOUNDARIES!  That thing we all have to practice.  You should finally start to see some benefits come from it.  You are strong enough to stand your ground, to advance after planning, to work towards the goal.  Keep with it, and you’ll be better at the end.

Be Aware:  Three of Cups

Parties, celebrations, communication, community, creativity, friends, etc.  All wonderful things!  Except in too large of amounts, so be very, very careful until the full moon just how much you indulge here.

Conscious Influence:  The Hanged Man

Transition.  You may be consciously trying to pause or hesitate.  Your attempt to stop a flood is noble, but likely futile.  You are attempting to be thoughtful, but the planning is over, and you should know when to make the decision and stop ruminating.

Subconscious Influence:  The Magician

It’s all about using your resources.  You are in a position of advantage and should utilize it now.  Destiny is calling, and it has no plans to wait.  Trust your gut on this one.


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