Just a dog, right?

I’ve missed a few days.  Even more on my Instagram.  But with good reason.

My baby; my 15 year old cocker spaniel, died last Friday, May 12th.

She was battling a bad case of bronchitis and we had been to the vet twice that day.  She fell asleep while looking at me in the evening.  And never woke up.   

I’ve known her for almost half my life.  She’s been my constant companion since my dad passed.  She was his constant companion before that.  He lived with us, so she was never far.

Some people don’t understand how it hurts so much for a dog.  I kinda pity those people.

I’ll get back to it soon with more readings.  But for now, I need time to be sad.  Every piece of my life was marked by a part of this damn dog.  And because of that I feel the emptiness of her departure so severely even simple actions can make me cry.

I miss you Daisy Mae.  So much.


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